About Sunrise

In 2017, Ryan Trimm teamed up with Craig Blondis and Roger Sapp from Central BBQ to launch Sunrise Downtown Memphis, a vibrant fast casual restaurant, specializing in classic breakfast favorites, lunch staples and specialty drinks.

Their success led to the opening of Sunrise East in 2022, with plans for further expansion. Craig and Roger's BBQ journey began in the 1980s after meeting on the BBQ circuit, culminating in the opening of Central BBQ in 2002, which quickly became a local favorite.

Ryan Trimm's culinary journey started in Pittsburgh, PA, and blossomed during his time in Memphis. While studying English and Business at Ole Miss, Ryan discovered his passion for cooking while working at The Carlton Restaurant in Pittsburgh over summer break. He further honed his skills at 208 South Lamar in Oxford and under Chef Frank Lee at Slightly North of Broad in Charleston, SC.

Returning to Memphis in 2005, Ryan continued to excel in the culinary scene, serving as Chef de Cuisine at the Grove Grill before opening Sweet Grass in 2010, followed by Sweet Grass Next Door. His establishments garnered numerous awards, including Best New Restaurant and Best Bar in Memphis publications. Ryan's culinary expertise has earned him recognition as a finalist for Food and Wine's Peoples’ Best New Chef in 2011 and Memphis’ Restaurateur of the Year in 2023.

Ryan's influence extends beyond Memphis, with invitations to cook at festivals nationwide and a prestigious appearance at the James Beard House in New York City, where he showcased Memphis cuisine alongside other renowned chefs. With his innovative approach to dining, Ryan continues to make waves in the culinary world while staying true to his Memphis roots.